• Gearbox for Off-Road Vehicle Application

    Rj Link’s engineering team received an inquiry from a company out of South Africa that was having trouble finding a gearbox that could transmit power and torque in a dual output application. Although the customer had found alternatives that were available in a traditional right angle gearbox, the correct interface was not available. Specific shaft ends were needed to mount directly into the system.


    Rj Link’s Solution:

    Rj Link’s engineering team designed a custom gearbox that offered the proper interface to work for the customer’s off-road vehicle application. The solution is a small dual output gearbox with customized interfacing. What’s unique about this design is that, although the shafts are the same, both ends are different. One end is keyed and the other end is splined, but both will drive axels.


    Gearbox Data:

    • Input Capability: Power 150 HP, Rotational Speed-1000 RPM
    • Ratio: 14.35:1
    • Rotation: Engine
    • Lubrication Type: Circulating Oil
    • Lube Capacity: 10 Qt.
    • Surface Finish: Per Customer Request
    • Approximate Weight: 660 Lbs. w/o Oil


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