• Gearbox Design for Unique Agricultural Application

    Rj Link received a request from a customer that needed a gearbox solution to a unique agricultural spreader application. The customer wanted to switch over from belt and chain drives to a gear drive, and had many concerns with their existing application.


    Customer Concerns:

    • Alignment issues
    • Lubrication issues
    • Durability issues
    • Space Constraints
    • Noise issues
    • Need for more rugged gearbox


    The customer needed a gearbox 8 inches wide, 6 inches deep and approximately 30 inches tall. Rj Link’s engineering team offered a design that would transmit power from the input to the output to cover the 30 inch gap, while meeting the customer’s defined package constraints.


    New Gearbox Design Data:

    Input: Power 50 HP, Speed 2200 RPM

    Ratio: 2.00:1 (Speed Reducer)

    Rotation:  Anti-Engine

    Lubrication Type:  Circulating Oil

    Sump Capacity:  1 qt. Approximately

    Surface Finish:  Case-Natural Aluminum

    Approximate Weight:  75 lbs. W/O Oil

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