• Rj Link’s Vision Provides Customers With Quality Products

    Our Mission:

    “A solution provider in the Global Power Transmission Market for design, manufacture & assembly of custom gearboxes”

    It takes vision to provide a quality product.  Our reputation is on the line with everything our customers deliver. That’s the assurance of a quality Gearbox manufacturer. Customers can’t afford failures. This means our products and services need to meet and exceed the customer’s expectation the first and every time – right down to the Gearing that drives it.


    The staff at Rj Link Int. has 75+ years of assembly & design experience. We are focused on building quality before the name goes on. It starts with the right Gearbox for the right application. This lets our Engineering staff build a smart design that focuses on accurate gear geometry to minimize run-out errors that contribute to excess heat, noise, poor efficiency, premature wear, vibration, etc. Our manufacturing & assembly department has a process focused on precision, attention to detail, inspection, and quality assurance. Our practice has worked for 25 years, and you will see it in our gearbox technology. 

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