• Gearbox Design Application Questions – Rebuilds/New Designs

    Gearbox design application questions

    Gearbox Design Considerations


    Considerations when looking at gearbox package constraints:

    • Horsepower
    • Torque
    • Type of loading characteristics
    • Ambient conditions
    • Speed range in terms of input and output – is it continuous?
    • Size/space limitations
    • Cost
    • Service in the unit – is there easy access?
    • How is the gearbox going to be interfaced – Matching¬†the design to fit the customer’s current frame.
    • Rebuild package – Look at current design versus retrofit


    Rj Link International’s team of engineers offers multiple solutions to fit the customer’s input and output interfaces. Those solutions provide customers with innovative and flexible design approaches, including interfacing lube systems, heat exchanger & clutches into gearbox systems.


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