• Small Package Gear Drives with High Output

    Right angle gearbox

    Small Package Gear Drives

    Rj Link International continues to see an increasing customer demand requiring small package Gear-Drives. These types of systems have involved the application/design of several Right-Angle, Variable-Angle, or Planetary systems. Starting with the driver (input-side) providing a variable speed, torque and transferring to the output-side producing an increase / decrease in speed, torque. Our Application/Engineering team with 75+ years of experience is currently reviewing and designing several programs to meet multiple market constraints.


    Challenges facing the design team:

    • The required small base used for mounting
    • Fixed input/output interface connections
    • Other clearance issues


    The Rj Link Int. engineering team is looking at the analysis, and modeling substituting alternate material, finishes & processes to reach the desired outcomes.

    Right angle gearbox

    Specialty gearbox

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