• Geared for Success


    Rj Link has been a solution provider in the Global Power Transmission Market for design, manufacture & assembly of custom gearboxes for over 25 years.  


    Rj Link employees are guided by a set of specific values defining who we are and how we conduct business: Accountability, Drive for Results, Initiative, Honesty, Leadership, Open & Clear Communication, Respect for Others, Integrity, and Teamwork.


    We can provide you with:

    • Custom designed, manufactured, assembled & tested gearboxes, including speed reducers & increasers, transfer cases, planetary, right angle drives, custom pump drives & other custom designs.
    • Innovative & flexible design approaches, including interfacing lube systems, heat exchanger & clutches into gearbox systems.
    • Customer gearboxes manufactured & built per customer design.
    • Gearbox remanufacturing & repair.
    • A comprehensive mix of precision machining & gear grinding up to AGMA class 5 per the new AGMA 2015 inspection standards.  This was previously considered AGMA class 12 per the old AGMA 2000-A88 standard.
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