• Gears & Gearboxes Used in Pumping Applications

    Gearbox used in pumping application

    Gearbox in Pumping Application

    Rj Link Int. receives many inquiries for quality gears and gearboxes to be used in Water Pumping, Multi-Phase, Slurry etc. type applications.  Many of those customers are requiring Pump Gear that can be used in the Water Desalination Market.


    Some of the issues & results:

    • Exotic materials may be necessary as the gears & other components are often required to move fluid that’s highly corrosive, abrasive and/or reactive.
    • Designs can be complex due to different materials having different core processes & rates of expansion.
    • Rj Link’s processes of tolerance control & finishing have yielded improved wear characteristics that have extended life up to 35% in most cases.


    Rj Link International provides customers with complete design, made to print, replacement components.


    Examples of some of the markets served:

    • Marine
    • Oil & Gas
    • Pumps & Systems
    • Media Flow Control
    • Water Management
    • RO Market, etc.


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