• Reduction Gearbox Used for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

    Reduction Gearbox Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment

    Reduction Gearbox 

    This is the internal assembly of a large unit gearbox that is being used for hydraulic fracturing and heavy pumping conditions.  This gearbox was designed with helical overlap ratio to accommodate for floating of the pinion and output gears.  This allows for full contact in the gear meshing during operation, and helps to distribute the load.   Other reasons for doing this type of design are for strength and endurance rating, as well as making sure the gears won’t be overloaded.  This stacked gear train has an input gear, double idler gears, and output gear with helical overlap.  It also has multiple shafts and bearings, and generally operates in the 1800-2500 rpm range.


    Other Features:

    • Ratios:  1.51 : 1 through 1.81 : 1
    • Rotation:  Engine/Anti-Engine
    • Max Horsepower:  650 HP
    • Center Distance:  22.3″
    • Overall Size:  46″H x 22″W x 31″D
    • Weight:  1,300 lbs approx.
    • Torque ranges from 2200-3000 ft. lbs.
    Assembling clutch onto gearbox

    Assembling clutch onto gearbox

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