• Gearbox Solutions Requiring High Output with Minimal Space

    High output gearbox

     High Output Gearbox

    Companies needing small package gear drives with high output continue to reach out to Rj Link Int.  These types of systems have involved the application/design of several Right-Angle, Variable-Angle and Planetary systems.  Starting with the driver (input side) providing a variable speed, torque and transferring to the output side producing an increase/decrease in speed, torque.


    Rj Link’s very talented and experienced engineering team has recently worked on several projects involving designs that will meet multiple market constraints.  Below are some of the challenges that the design team has faced:

    • Required small base used for mounting
    • Fixed input/output interface connections
    • Other clearance issues



    The engineering team looked at the analysis and modeling, substituting alternate material, finishes & processes to reach the desired outcomes.


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