• D190 Gearbox Driving Your Water Pump!

    Gearbox driving water pump

    Water Pump

    With all the various natural disasters that occur, there is a need now more than ever, for high end water pumping systems to assist in the recovery relief. Sometimes, those systems need more horse power and speed than the average engine / water pump system can provide. When you need a compact gearbox to act as a speed increaser or reducer to deliver 400 HP, then Rj Link International Inc has the gearbox for you.  Our D190 Series is the model for the Job. Now designed and manufactured to handle the higher horse power requirements, the D190 offers the power you need.

    Using cast iron housings with precision gearing, the D190 offers up to 1:3 ratio ranges. Offering direct connections to engines with SAE Bell Housings with a variety of clutch packages or direct to PTO shaft connections. Rj Link designs to fit the customer’s application and needs.

    Custom gearbox used in water pump

    Custom Gearbox

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