• Let’s Gear Up!

    Contract Machining Gears

    Rj Link Gearing Solutions

    Rj Link is a leader in engineering and manufacturing custom gearing solutions for any market that needs strong reliable gears. We have 75+ years of engineering expertise to manufacture, maintain, repair, and replace gear drives with components that will outlast the competition.


    GEARS – We design, engineer, & re-manufacture gearing.

    REBUILDS & REPAIR – We repair and re-engineer your gearing with new gearing technology that makes it better.

    •GEARBOXES– We offer a wide variety of solutions for gearboxes to fit your customer’s needs in multiple markets & applications.

    •REPLACEMENT PARTS – We offer OEM spares and replacement parts for your gearing needs.

    •SERVICE – Diagnosis: We have experienced assembly and machining reps available to trouble shoot, diagnose & maintain your equipment.



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