• Mike Mihajlovic Joins Rj Link Int. as Senior Project Engineer!


    Mike’s experience encompasses over 30 years designing, drafting and project management, and extends to all phases of new product programs, customer interfacing, manufacturing introduction and supplier interfacing.

    Further experience includes designing gearboxes for electro-mechanical hybrid vehicles, construction machines, all kinds of gears, valves, gear pumps and fluid motors, variable displacement roller vane pumps, variable displacement axial and radial piston pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders with rod clamps, test equipment for pneumatic systems and hydraulic pumps and motors.

    •Designed and developed new generation of pneumatic rod clamps (patented).

    •Designed and built 5 different special tool machines between 1995 and 2003 for Boeing F18 plant.

    •Designed and built forging billets fully automated cutting system for American Axle.

    •Developed math and CAD model for swash plate (axial piston pumps and motors).

    •As a team member designed, built and tested hydro mechanical electronically controlled hybrid system with energy recovery system for garbage truck.

    •Developed generic drawings for F series gear pumps & motors.

    •Designed and developed cone clutch integrated with gear pump.

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