• Custom Gearbox for Mining Application

    Gearbox for mining application

    Mining Application Gearbox


    A request came into Rj Link from a company that was upgrading their people moving cars for a mining application. The existing gearbox presented the following problems:

    • Gearbox was unable to handle the rigorous requirements of carrying a certain amount of weight in and out of the mines
    • Gearbox was underrated and inadequately designed to meet the system requirements
    • Gearbox could not survive the life requirements for the application


    When changing to some of the new components, some of the space constraints were already determined, therefore the configuration forced the customer to change how the driveline components would be made.



    Rj Link’s engineering team designed a right angle gearbox that would meet the requirements of the new transmission.  The new design options will help the customer meet the life requirements required in the application. 


    Gearbox Data:

    • Input Power:  130 HP @ 1500 RPM
    • Input Speed:  2500 RPM
    • Ratio:  1.03:1
    • Rotation: CW Input
    • Lubrication Type:  Circulating cooled oil.  Lube system (pump oil cooler, piping, fittings) are furnished by end user.
    • Lube Sump Capacity:  3 qts. Approx.
    • Surface Finish:  Black anodized case and covers
    • App. Weight:  115 lbs w/o oil



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