• Custom Gearbox General Product Outline

    Gearbox general product outline

    Custom Gearbox General Product Outline

    When Rj Link receives requests for custom gearboxes, the engineering team starts off by looking at past products and designs that have been offered.  Gearbox requests might include a clutch, pump, heat exchanger, and/or certain shaft configurations on the input or output side.  Below are some questions that need to be answered to give the engineering team direction on the type of gearbox that is needed for the customer’s application:         

    • What type of gearbox does the customer want?
    • What type of gearing arrangement is needed? (Parallel, planetary, right angle, crossed axis gearing)
    • How much power is going into the gearbox  (hp)?
    • What is the input and/or output speed?
    • What is the engine rotation? (rotation into the gearbox, and the necessary output rotation)

    Customers will submit this information over the phone or by email, and may also submit the Gearbox Application Data Sheet directly through Rj Link’s website.  After receiving answers to the above questions, Rj Link’s engineering team has found that the majority of requests tend to fall under the gearbox categories below:

    • D101 – 125 hp
    • D201 – 200 hp
    • D203 – 350 hp
    • D244 – 700 hp
    • D290 – 550 hp
    • D316 – 250 hp

    This group of gearboxes all have certain capacities (ratios, hp ranges, etc.), and generally cover the majority of the gearboxes that Rj Link builds.  It is a starting point giving the engineering team direction as to what gearbox would be the best fit for the application, and helps them to provide the customer a target cost range for budgetary pricing.  Enhancements and new designs can be made from there.

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