• PTO Gearboxes for Agricultural Applications & More

    Custom Gearbox for PTO AG Applications

    Rj link has been heavily involved in designing gearboxes for agricultural PTO applications, such as augers, spreaders, manure pumps, etc. There has been an influx of requests for these types of gearboxes. In addition, flooding that occurs during the hurricane season increases the need for remote power systems and small submersible pumps that are used for cleanup and reconstruction efforts.


    Current development project with a more modular design to be used in the following parameters:

    • 540-2000 RPM
    • 50-150 HP range
    • 1:1 up to a 1:4 speed increaser or speed reducer
    • Universal mounting options
    • Light weight design

    Custom Gearbox PTO Pumping Systems for Flooding

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