• Gearbox Evaluation Application Story – Rebuild vs. New Design

    Companies continue to reach out to Rj Link Int’s very experienced engineering team for gearbox evaluation to find out the extent of damage.  Rj Link helps them to make an educated decision as to whether a repair/rebuild, re-design or purchase of a new unit is the best solution.   This particular customer sent a gearbox to Rj Link that was obsolete with no drawings available.  A rebuild would require the engineering team to reverse engineer the internals of the gearbox for replacement parts.


    Shop Evaluation:

    • Bearing locked up & oil seal was leaking.  Need to replace all bearings & seals.  Appears the gearbox was running without oil for some time.  Bearings not a problem to replace.
    • Gears & shafts look in decent shape.  Will not need to be replaced.
    • Housing has a crack where the bearing locked up.
    • Oil seals do not look standard.
    • Dust caps need to be replaced.



    • Due to the design of the gearbox and most likely the lack of oil in the top of the gearbox, Rj Link recommend adding a lubrication pump to circulate the oil to the top of the gearbox.
    • Adding a sight glass would help maintenance to easily check that there is the proper amount of oil in the gearbox.
    • Another option – Rj Link Int. redesigns and provides a replacement gearbox for this application.
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