• PTO Gearbox Solution for Manure Pump

    Rj Link’s VP of Business Development, Terry McCormick, traveled out to rural Indiana this week to visit with Ben Pickens from Robeson Farm Services.  Ben had contacted Rj Link looking for a PTO gearbox to drive a manure pump that he was looking to rebuild.  Rj Link’s engineering team reviewed the requirements that were needed, and offered the G100 gearbox as a solution.


    The G100 is a modular design leveraging common components that can be assembled into a variety of configurations.  Whether being used as a speed increaser or decreaser, the G100 has a solid cast aluminum body, with precision helical gears, using only Timken bearings that will achieve many years of service.  The G100 can be used to drive auxiliary hydraulics, or as a direct connection to pump systems, and can be PTO or engine driven.


    Terry met with Ben to take a look at the manure pump that was in operation at a farm with 8,000 head of hogs.  In total, the manure pump is being used for close to 40,000 head and will pump a little over 15.6 million gallons per year.  Robeson Farm services has the gearbox connected to a large 1000 PTO, and is using it as a speed increaser at a 1:2 ratio.   The gearbox runs at full 1000 RPM’s, and is connected to a small heat exchanger.


    Robeson Farm Services is extremely happy with the results, as the unit is pumping at 1200 gallons per minute.  Ben stated, “The gearbox is running smooth and steady. We have already pumped 500,000 gallons of manure with it, and it’s running great.”  Ben further expressed that they will be ordering a second unit for their next application.


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    PTO gearbox on rebuilt manure pump

    PTO Gearbox – Manure Pump

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