• Reduced Lead Time on Gearbox for Booster Pump Applications


    General lead times have improved considerably on this Rj Link D244 gearbox due to the fact that we have stocked some of the major components.  This rugged heavy duty gearbox was designed with heavy shafts and bearings to take a decent shock load, and will stay in place once mounted.


    Typical Applications:  Booster Pumps, Fracking, Mobile Hydraulics



    • SAE #1 bell housing
    • Manual clutch package with handle
    • Pressurized lube pump
    • Heavy duty bearings
    • 4 inch output shaft
    • Mounts to an engine
    • Speed Reducer or Speed Increaser



    • 1 to 3 ratio range
    • Up to 750 hp
    • 1800 – 2500 rpm





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