• PTO Gearbox Solution for Retrofit Manure Pump

    Rj Link’s customer recently had great success with retrofitting an existing manure pump with Rj Link’s G100 Gearbox. 



    • Gearbox is connected to a large 1000 PTO & is being used as a speed increaser at a 1:2 ratio   
    • Gearbox runs at full 1000 RPM’s, and is connected to a small heat exchanger   
    • Manure pump is being used for close to 40,000 head of hogs
    • The unit is pumping 1200 gallons of manure per minute
    • Expected to pump over 15.6 million gallons per year
    • Customer saved over $10,000 by using the gearbox in their system versus buying new         


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    PTO gearbox being used in retrofit manure pump

    Retrofit Manure Pump


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