• Rj Link attends 2015 Inland Marine Expo

    n10Rj Link attended the 2015 Inland Marine Show held in St. Louis on June 15-17. This show is growing fast – the attendance increased 50+% and next year’s event will move to America’s Center, the convention center in St. Louis. The 2016 event should be even larger and showcase more products focused 100% on inland marine operations.

    Logan Clutch Corporation exhibited their products at the show, including an Rj Link Model D203 gearbox mated to a Logan hydraulic clutch, as shown in the accompanying image. Thanks to Logan Clutch for including us in their impressive display!

    The overriding message of the event was that moving goods via the inland waterway system are safe, green and affordable. Attendee’s were generally optimistic about the future outlook of inland transport. But, the recent flooding in the immediate area around St. Louis was also dominating many conversations.

    Rj Link designs and manufactures custom speed reducers, speed increasers and various other types of gearboxes. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next project!

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