• Machine Tool Builders Showcase Rj Link Gear at Expo

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    Machine Tool Builders’ Booth

    The Gear Expo 2017 is a Drive Technology Show that brings together gear buyers, users, manufacturers and engineers from various industries to network and apply innovative technology.  Rj Link Int. has teamed up with Machine Tool Builders, another Rockford area company, to display an external helical gear on a Donner+Pfister Gear Measurement System.  Machine Tool Builders is a remanufacturer and re-controller of gear-cutting and grinding equipment.  Since 1995 MTB has been transforming shapers, hobbers and grinders into precision machines converting and rebuilding mechanical components to motorized servos with multiple axes and spindles using CNC controls.


    Summary of the Rj Link Gear that is being displayed:

    • Number of teeth:  125
    • NDP/Module:  6.35/4 MOD
    • Pressure Angle:  20 degrees
    • Major Diameter:  20.538″/521 mm
    • Helix Angle:  14.593″ R.H./370 mm
    • Face Width:  5.0″/127 mm


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    2017 Gear Expo

    Gear Expo 2017

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