• Rj Link in attendance at the 2013 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Conference

    The 2013 SPE (Society for Petroleum Engineers) Hydraulic Fracturing Conference was held in The Woodlands, TX February 4-6, 2013.

    The conference included a Plenary Session by industry experts on the recent history and future outlook for worldwide oil & gas production. The message was delivered that the hydraulic fracturing techniques have “Changed the US Energy Game”.  Production of gas & oil via unconventional means has resulted in a 4% “underdemand” of natural gas in the US. Production of natural gas from shale formations has grown to over 30% of the US supply, and continues to grow.

    The outlook is for the continuous growth in the number of well sites and magnitude of the projects, with continuous improvement in water, energy, transportation, equipment and labor utilization. The goal of energy security and possibly energy independence for the United States is no longer just political rhetoric, but is technically attainable.

    The conference drew over 2,100 attendees, primarily from engineering disciplines.

    Rj Link International, Inc. is committed to support the oil & gas equipment manufacturers to develop robust, productive equipment that meets the requirements for the continiued growth and evolution of this technology.

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