• Rj Link International Inc installs new Mazak CNC Multi-Pallet Machining Center

    Rj Link International Inc is pleased to announce the purchase and installation of a new 6 Pallet Mazak CNC Machining Center. This new machine expands the already impressive manufacturing capability and capacity at Rj Link. With our strong customer demand Rj Link has invested in this new machine to provide continuous lights out manufacturing for our industrial gearboxes. The new Mazak offers the ability to load up 6 pallets worth of work, while 1 pallet stands ready for the machine, and 1 pallet is in the machine running to continuously run production and offer part to part flexibility; 8 Pallets Total. This manufacturing system as the ability to run on its own while our operators can provide other value added services to our customers.

    The machine is equipped with automatic tool and part probing capabilities using state of the art Renishaw Probes to reduce set-up, improve quality and ensure the highest level of productivity. The machine is equipment with tool life monitoring and breakage detection. This semi-automated system is just another investment by Rj Link to continue to support our customers with the highest quality of products and services.

    With this system dedicated work can be set-up and ready for lights out manufacturing on off shifts, while the operator can still run the special built to order gearboxes that Rj Link is known for.

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