• Rj Link International Participating In Academy Expo Today

    Alignment Rockford

    The Academy Expo was designed by Alignment Rockford to serve as the introductory experience to the academy structure for RPS freshmen.  The event assists students in making an informed academy selection prior to their sophomore year. This is also an opportunity for other school districts in attendance to explore career opportunities.

    Launched in 2012, the Academy Expo is an opportunity for 9th grade students to experience career-related, hands-on demonstrations in a broad variety of careers.  The Expo will engage students in a variety of career experiences and allow them to explore approximately 200 regional career opportunities demonstrated by approximately 500 Industry Experts.  The event will help to forge a relevant link between curriculum and careers.

    For more information on Alignment Rockford, visit http://portal.alignmentrockford.com/

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