• Rj Link Representatives Attending Rockford Public Schools’ Academy Showcase Today!

    Representatives from Rj Link International will be attending the Rockford Public Schools’ Academy Showcase today.  The event will give the community the opportunity to check out what’s new in the College & Career Academies of Rockford.  Rockford Public Schools high school students and faculty will be on hand to show the community what the Academies mean to them.


    The Career Academies are a proven national model in which students learn in an environment that is more relevant and engaging, better preparing them for college, career and life. Over the past three years, Rockford has successfully launched career academies at all RPS205 high schools, featuring career pathways such as Engineering, Information Technology, Law and Public Safety and Medical and Health Sciences.  Rj Link’s Engineering/Quality Manager, John Oller, has been active as an Academy Support Team Member for Roosevelt High School for the past three years.


    In October of 2014 Rockford was named the nation’s third Ford NGL Model Community by Ford Motor Company Fund. The designation is based on Rockford’s success in developing and implementing the high school career academies.


    Learn More:  Ford Next Generation Learning Community Model


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