• Inside Results of Rj Link Gearbox Technology

    Gearbox Technology

    Rj Link Gearbox Technology

    Did you ever wonder what’s inside your Gearbox?   Rj Link’s “Gravity Lubricating Process” helps gearboxes to run smooth and have an extended life.  Once the gear-housing is filled with the recommended oil and the unit is operating:

    •  The lowest gear dips into the bath of oil lubricating the teeth
    •  Then with splashing action, and meshing of the Gear-teeth, oil is delivered into the troughs and upper components
    • Once in the troughs, the oil flows by gravity through the passages, thus, lubricating the bearings, seals, etc.
    • The oil passes through, and returns to the sump of the unit
    •  Cycle is complete


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