• Solving Gearbox Challenges Globally

    Rj Link recently received an inquiry from a company in Africa that was looking for a 1:2 speed increaser with an internal mechanical clutch.  The intended use of the gearbox is in a pumping application in the Oil & Gas Industry.  The pump and engine assembly would need to be on separate skids, while being linked on the driveline with a flexible connector.


    Rj Link provided the customer with the model D244 speed increaser. Gearbox specifications include:

    • Input 1000 HP @ 1800 RPM
    • Ratio: 1:2
    • Rotation: Anti-Engine
    • Lubrication Type: Circulating Oil. Heat Exchanger with Oil Filter
    • Sump Capacity: 6.7 Gallons Approx.
    • Weight: 1600 lbs W/O Oil


    Over 25 years Rj Link has continued to provide innovative gearbox solutions to complex problems in numerous power transmission markets worldwide.  Contact Rj Link for your custom gearbox needs by calling 815-874-8110, or emailing [email protected].


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