• Custom Transfer Case for Railcar Application

    Transfer case for rail application

    Transfer Case for Rail Application

    As any operator in the railcar industry will say, traction effort is the key to success for railcar alignment prior to transport. This is why the engineers at Rj Link designed the D181 gearbox using a heavy-duty high torque design. This includes a course type, and carburized high strength gearing system. In this application the gearbox needs to be able to withstand the high break away torque capacity, and shock loading characteristics.


    Below are some of the distinct characteristics of this design:

    • Heavy duty transfer case
    • Compact design
    • Heavy loading and shock resistant gearing
    • Versatile mounting tab locations
    • Variable input & output connection options


    The custom design gearbox below is an example where Rj Link met the customer’s needs for this specific application.

    Transfer Case for railcar mover

    Transfer Case

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