• Rj Link Website Enhancement – Downloadable PDF’s & Step Files

    Download PDF's & Step Files

    Rj Link International’s website has recently been upgraded with some enhanced features. In addition to Rj Link providing technical assistance and solutions to customers, the website has been enhanced with downloadable PDF’s and Step Files.  This website upgrade now gives customers the ability to download a 3D model to insert into their CAD assembly. The model can be scaled to size to give the customer a view on how to connect to the gearbox, and to understand the clearance parameters and connections.


    The configurations shown on the website reflect a broad band of gearboxes that Rj Link can build. Rj Link offers many gearboxes from simple shapes with plain geometry to more complex designs with a variation of shapes and configurations to meet customers’ needs. This enhancement has given customers quick and easy access to technical information, which is helping to save them time and money.

    Example of Enhancement:  D244 Speed Reducer


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