• Rj Link Attends Brevi Bus Introduction


    PALATKA, FL — On Friday, October 15, Rod Link joined a collection of Palatka city and Putnam County officials, representatives of the Florida Department of Transportation and U.S. Representative John Mica, the Ranking Member of the House of Representatives Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to help unveil the new Brevi Bus low-floor vehicle developed and built by Putnam County’s Ride Solution. Since 50% of Putnam County roads are unpaved, the purpose built bus will offer riders better service, better performance and increased efficiency.
    Ride Solution teamed with a selection of engineers, mechanics, a former Daimler-Chrysler designer and a number of suppliers including Rj Link International to develop a vehicle specifically for a rural application.
    “We are honored to participate in this project,” Rod Link noted. “A right angle gearbox and a drop box were needed to solve the unique design challenges including space and weight constraints, integration in the powertrain system and stringent noise requirements. Custom applications like this continue to be the basis for Rj Link’s reputation in a variety of markets.”
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    About Rj Link International Inc:
    Rj Link International Inc., headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, is a precision manufacturer of gearboxes including speed increasers, speed reducers, transfer cases and custom designs for major industrial original equipment manufacturers world-wide.

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