• Rj Link continues quest to develop and refine specialized products for the snow market!

    In partnership with a key customer and hydraulic clutch supplier, Rj Link integrated its purpose built gearbox and a microprocessor controlled hydraulic clutch. The design provides the optimal vehicle solution. There are a number of unique features. “Our customer had very specific needs and goals for their vehicle,” stated Rod Link. “One example is the direct coupling and integration of the components. The overall size reduction eliminated potential operational and assembly issues.”  Overall the collaboration between the companies ensured simplicity and reliability for end users.
    Since its inception, Rj Link has been a key supplier to the snow market. The reputation and success in this market has been the basis for continued growth in this and other markets.
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    About Rj Link International Inc:
    Rj Link International, Inc., headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, is a precision manufacturer of gearboxes including speed increasers, speed reducers, transfer cases and custom designs for major industrial original equipment manufacturers world-wide.

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